Center Launches Pregnancy & Lactation Studies on Functional Constipation Treatment

UC San Diego Center for Better Beginnings’ researchers have launched two new studies investigating the treatment of functional constipation in pregnancy and lactation. The studies are examining the use of Motegrity® (prucalopride), a medication used to treat chronic idiopathic constipation (CIC) and irritable bowel syndrome with constipation (IBS-C).

Both of these new studies are led by our Co-Director, UC San Diego perinatal epidemiologist Dr. Christina Chambers. With limited data currently available on the effects of Motegrity® if taken while pregnant or chestfeeding, these studies will provide both pregnant and nursing parents and their healthcare providers with information that will allow them to make more informed treatment decisions for a healthier – and more comfortable – pregnancy and chestfeeding experience.

“Functional constipation is not an uncommon condition, and can be quite uncomfortable,” said Chambers. “However, there is little information about the use of medications to treat functional constipation in pregnant or lactating women.”

The Pregnancy Study: The MotherToBaby Pregnancy Study is enrolling those with and without exposure to Motegrity®, and will provide critical safety information on the use of this medication during pregnancy. Participants will not be asked to change any part of their health care routine, including medications, nor will they be asked to travel. MotherToBaby Pregnancy Studies are conducted by the non-profit Organization of Teratology Information Specialists and coordinated at the Center for Better Beginnings.

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The Lactation Study: Mommy’s Milk: Human Milk Research Biorepository is conducting a study with chestfeeding people who are taking Motegrity® while nursing. Participants will be interviewed by phone, asked to provide milk samples at different time points over a 24-hour period before and after taking a dose of Motegrity®, complete questionnaires about baby’s growth and development, and release baby’s medical records. Volunteers will receive up to $125 for completing the study.

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