Ensuring Your Milk Is Best

Helping Mom & Baby Breastfeed Safely

We know that breast milk is good for babies, but exactly what are the properties of breast milk that make it “liquid gold”? Are there substances that can leach into breast milk that could be harmful to a developing baby? We’re doing the ground-breaking work to answer these very questions, and to convey this critical information to breastfeeding moms and healthcare providers.

The Center for Better Beginnings conducts clinical research and community education efforts to ensure that breastfeeding babies get this ideal nourishment, free of harmful properties. Discover how we are supporting breastfeeding moms and their growing babies.

  • Information & Counseling

    Talk To Us About Your Lactation Concerns

    Many substances can travel from your bloodstream to your breast milk. What does this mean for your milk supply—and your feeding baby? Our MotherToBaby California information service answers these questions for lactating women by assessing the most current research on drugs, diseases and other toxins, and then counsels women and their health care providers so they can make informed decisions. This service is available by telephone, email, and live chat, all at no cost to you. The MotherToBaby website also houses a library of fact sheets in both English and Spanish, blogs on a wide variety of topics, and resources available to a breastfeeding mom.

    Learn more about MotherToBaby California and how our experts can provide you with free, confidential, evidence-based information on the effects of environmental exposures, infections, medications, illicit drugs, diseases and more on a breastfeeding infant.

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  • Research

    Advancing Our Understanding of Mommy’s Milk

    Breast milk is referred to as “liquid gold”, but there are so many unanswered questions about exactly what it is that makes it so beneficial for a growing baby. And there are even more questions about whether the things that a mom is exposed could be passed on to her baby via her breast milk. One of our programs, Mommy’s Milk Human Milk Research Biorepository, aims to help moms and healthcare providers answer these questions.

    The goal of Mommy’s Milk is to build a “library” of breast milk samples from woman all over the United States, so that researchers can use these samples to answer all of the questions we have about nature’s best natural food. Sign up today to donate just two ounces of your milk, and you can be a part of this groundbreaking work.

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