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Education, Research, and Support

From the time you decide to get pregnant, learn you’re expecting, and all the way through to your delivery, you no doubt have many questions about how your health and the things you may be exposed to could impact your developing child. We want to give you the answers that will bring you peace of mind as you prepare to bring a life into the world.

We understand that pregnancy can be an anxious time. If your pregnancy has been identified as high-risk, or you learn that your baby has a health condition that may result in a disability, our birth defects specialists will provide you with the information and support you need, while our experts work hard to help you find answers through much-needed research.

Discover more about all the ways we can help you and your family during pregnancy – and how you can help future generations of pregnant women.

  • Information & Counseling Services

    Ask Our Experts

    Our MotherToBaby California information service helps women and their healthcare providers address health and safety concerns related to exposures during pregnancy (such as medications, chemicals, recreational substances, or other environmental agents) by providing evidence-based, up-to-date information via phone, email, and live chat, all at no cost to you. The MotherToBaby website also houses a library of fact sheets in both English and Spanish, blogs on a wide variety of topics, and resources available to an expecting mom.

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  • Pregnancy Studies

    Change the World for Future Moms: Volunteer for Research

    Shockingly little is known about the effects of many medications when they are used in pregnancy, yet 50% of pregnant women taken at least one medicine. We are dedicated to improving both the quality and the quantity of the information available about the effects of medicines on a pregnancy and a developing baby. We do this by tracking exposures and pregnancy outcomes through our MotherToBaby Pregnancy Studies Program. These critically important studies are “observational,” meaning we do not ask women to take any medications or change any part of their medical or daily routine. By monitoring pregnancy outcomes in real-time, we can rapidly make strides for prevention. Only through the participation of women during pregnancy and during the first years of life can we improve the health of future moms and babies.

    Learn how you can make an impact by participating in a study today.

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