Child Health Outcomes

San Diego Study of Outcomes in Mothers and Infants (SOMI)

Our Center’s co-Director Dr. Tina Chambers and faculty member Dr. Gretchen Bandoli are partnering with investigators at universities and organizations across San Diego County and the State of California to investigate important topics that are impacting the health of San Diego families, such as respiratory distress in premature infants, infant heart defects, and the link between maternal stress and preterm birth. We’re accessing data sets that have been collected from San Diego County communities, families, and individuals over the last 10 years and will be accessing data that will be collected for the next 10+ years, representing a total of 1 million parent-child pairs!

The team at San Diego Study of Outcomes in Mothers and Infants (SOMI) are combining these data sets to answer some of the most pressing questions about maternal and child health, with the goal of improving outcomes and eliminating disparities for families. These are just some of the types and sources of data being used by SOMI investigators: