Diving into Research

Our Scientists Leap into the Unknown

We are making waves to better understand the origins and causes of birth defects. Since 1974, we have engaged in state-of-the-art research initiatives and partnered with professionals locally, nationally, and internationally to answer questions crucial to maternal health and infant development. We continue to seek out collaborative opportunities that will lead to synergistic advancements. With a large active research portfolio and a strong publication record, our Center is also an ideal training environment for the next generation of birth defects researchers.

Explore how the Center for Better Beginnings is contributing to the advancement of maternal and infant health via research innovation. Ready to make the leap and help us dive into this important research?

  • Our Research Portfolio

    Fueling Discovery and Innovation

    We are making real-world contributions to maternal and infant health in a variety of areas. Whether we’re evaluating the safety of a medication or vaccine in pregnancy, determining the amount of THC present in the breast milk of moms who use cannabis, developing a program to reduce risky alcohol consumption in Native American women of childbearing age, or monitoring cases of gastroschisis in California, one thing is certain: we won’t stop researching until we have the answers that moms and babies deserve. Find out more about our current research portfolio, and how we are advancing maternal and infant health.

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  • Publications and Funding

    Advancements in Science, Improvements in Health

    The Center for Better Beginnings’ active research program is supported by funding from numerous sources, including state, federal, private, and industry. Our scholars have a strong publication history, contributing to the fields of obstetric, pediatric and reproductive health, genetics, teratology and epidemiology by publishing in scientific peer-reviewed journals.

    Many of our scientific findings have revolutionized our understanding of the genetic and environmental underpinnings of abnormal fetal development. From our groundbreaking research examining alcohol in pregnancy, to creating the first-ever repository for human milk research, we are leading the pack. Read more about our publications and funding, and identify where you can fit in to our discoveries.

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  • Pre- and Post-Doctoral Fellowships

    Investing in Tomorrow’s Scientists

    The Center for Better Beginnings is committed to delivering an educational experience that develops students and junior professionals who are rigorously trained in research methodology, skilled at solving problems, focused on innovating, and passionate about maternal health and infant development. Within the framework and support of the UC San Diego School of Medicine’s Department of Pediatrics, our pre- and post-doctoral scholars receive unparalleled training that is hands-on, data driven, and focused. We offer numerous opportunities for our scholars to succeed in our academic and professional training program. Ready to make your mark on maternal and infant health under the mentorship of a world-class expert?

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